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Dogs SA Dog / Puppy of the Year Competition Rules

1. The Dogs SA Dog/Puppy of the Year Competition will be conducted at the end of each year.

2. Qualifying period shall commence on the first Monday after the Adelaide Royal and will conclude on the final Sunday of the following Adelaide Royal.

3. Dog of the Year qualifiers will be all Championship Shows sanctioned by Dogs SA with qualification being:

a. All Breeds Best in Show winners & Runner-up in Show winners
b. The top 5 dogs in each group will also qualify. This will be calculated on a point score of 2 points for Best in Group or Best in Show Specialty and 1 point for Runner up in Group or Specialty. The points to be added at the end of each qualifying period with the top 5 highest points being the qualifiers. The top 5 in each Group shall exclude those dogs already qualified at 3.a irrespective of the group points they have scored for the year.

4. Puppy of the Year qualifiers will be all All Breeds Championship shows sanctioned by Dogs SA with qualification being all Puppy and Minor Puppy in Show winners.


5. Judging will be by 3 Judges. All judges are not to have judged in SA for a minimum of 12 months prior to the event.

6. Judges are to remain anonymous until the date of judging.

7. Order of judging will be Puppy of the Year and then Dog of the Year.

8. Judging will be a knock out competition with the 3 judges assessing each dog. Once the judges are satisfied each judge will independently select their winner. The winner will then advance on to the next round until the eventual winner is identified.

9. Should a round have an uneven number then 1 dog may have a bye.

10. The first round for both Dog and Puppy of the year shall be by random ballot drawn prior to the judging.

11. Where an exhibitor has 2 dogs registered to them they cannot be drawn to contest each other in the first round.



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