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Dog & Cat Management Board Breeder Registration Fee

DOGS SA Members.

After a meeting with the DCMB yesterday, DOGS SA has developed the following options for renewing your Prefix and payment of the DCMB Breeder Registration Fee. There are 3 options so choose which suits your situation best.

As usual I will be happy to answer your questions if you have any.

Option 1

1. If you are not going to breed a litter during 2018 or onward do not pay your Prefix renewal and then you will not pay the DCMB Breeder Registration. Your Prefix will become un-financial and can remain so for 5 years and then inactive for a further 5 years so you will not need to pay the DCMB Breeder Registration during this time. Your Prefix will still be yours to use at a later date should you wish to do so.

2. If you change your mind and wish to breed a litter then you can reactivate your Prefix at any time. You will be required to back pay the Prefix Maintenance Fee but not the DCMB Breeder Registration Fee, this would only be paid from time of reactivation of the Prefix. This would equate the same as paying the Prefix maintenance fee yearly without the DCMB Breeder Registration fee until you use it.

Option 2

3. Pay for a lifetime protection of your prefix ($250) for 25 years. No DCMB fees apply unless you breed. Down side is that you can only reactivate your prefix once in the 25 years. You will also be subject to the Prefix Maintenance fee and the DCMB fee on reactivation (No back payments).

Option 3

4. Is to pay the Prefix Maintenance and DCMB Breeder Registration yearly. If you breed regularly (once every 2 years or more) this is the best option. This will come due with your membership renewal for 2018.

Membership renewal forms will be included in the November Journal and an online renewal should be functional by Mid November.

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