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Dog & Cat Management Update by Brian Parker (President)

22 Nov 2017 

Wolfgang and I again met with the DCMB this morning (22 Nov 17) re the implementation of Dogs & Cats Online (DACO). The purpose off the meeting was to discuss the use of our own ANKC registration numbers on the data base, how and what data would be provided to the DCMB and how and what information would be released through the public portal of DACO.

From the discussions it does appear that you will be able to use your own DOGS SA number as your Breeder Registration Number (BRN). As for the information that DOGS SA will be required to provide to the DCMB there is nothing that has been requested that you would not have to provide if you were listing as a private person. The information that will be provided is as follows:

  • Organisation – DOGS SA, GCCFSA or FASA
  • Membership Number (this will then be used as the Breeder Registration Number)
  • Breeder name (includes 3 fields: title, first name, surname)
  • Breeder prefix
  • Breeding location or contact location (residential Address)
  • Breeder contact number (a phone number)
  • Breeder Email (Optional)
  • Number type indicator (whether number provided is mobile, landline or work)

To ensure the validity of the information this information will be provided by DOGS SA and will be administered by DOGS SA and the DCMB.

When ‘Joe Bloggs’ searches the DACO breeder register using a pedigree breeder registration number (e.g. DOGS SA membership number) they will see:

  • ‘This breeder is a member of an Authorised Association, for more information you can contact that association’
  • Breeder Name
  • Authorised Association (as provided by the CSV file)
  • Breeder prefix
  • Breeder contact details

When ‘Joe Bloggs’ searches the breeder register using a DACO breeder registration number they will see:

  • Breeder Name
  • Animal types being bred (dog and/or cat)
  • Breeder contact details

As you can see from the information that we as a Registered Breeder of DOGS SA will be given instant recognition on the DACO database by the recognition of an Authorised Association.

As usual we will keep our members informed of any developments as they occur and should you require any more information or clarification please feel free to contact me.

Brian Parker


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