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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Under FCI rules do Champions have to enter the Championship class and not their age class?
  2. The FCI regulations are not specific however under the regulations for the conduct of the ANKC/FCI show a Champion may be entered in its age class but not in Open.
  3. Will there be individual critiques?
  4. No, as this will reduce the number of dogs a judge can judge and significantly increase the entry cost
  5. Will there be BOB or Breed Critiques?
  6. No, the judge may not be a breed specialist Breed Critiques will not be provided
  7. What are you doing about Poodles? Will the Australian or FCI sizes apply?
  8. ANKC sizes and in Group 9 Companion and Toy Dogs
  9. Which Standards are used for a CACIB / ANKC Show?
  10. FCI standards and Groups.
  11.            Where a dog is eligible for a CC under the ANKC standard but not under the FCI Standard, can a dog be awarded the ANKC CC but not the CACIB?
  12. Where a dog is eligible for an ANKC CC and the judges deems it of suitable quality then in may be awarded without the CACIB.
  13.            Will there be 10 FCI Groups for General Specials or the combined Gundog and Hound Groups to make 7 as per Reg 5 Section 6.2?
  14. There will be 10 groups represented in General Specials including Baby and Puppy Classes
  15.            Can docked dogs be shown without disqualification?
  16.            Yes and under FCI regulations must be judged equally as non-docked dogs.
  17.            What is the Class number for “Open” (non Champions) and “Champions” at CACIB Shows
  18.            11/11A (Open) and 21/21A (Champion)
  19.            Will dogs be measured?
  20.            This will be at the discretion of the judge but yes they may be.
  21.            Will judges be able to disqualify dogs if they disqualifying faults with in the standard.
  22.            Yes they will as they are judging under FCI standards.
  23.            So to be precise, a dog with FCI champion title but NOT an Australian Ch title goes in Champion class, and not open, at an FCI ANKC show?
  24.            If a dog has been awarded a Beauty Champion title by a controlling body recognised by the ANKC then it is a Champion. The title will be prefixed to its name e.g. NZ CH. It may also be eligible for an age class but not Open.

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