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Meeting Update Dogs SA – DCMB 6th August 2018 (FAQ)

Wolfgang and I met with the DCMB and the developers of DACO today to discuss some of the issues being identified with data impute into the database and also other issues that have been brought to our attention. We will address these individually below:
DACO will not allow me to change details. There are only set fields within the database that are changeable by the owner of the dog and these do not include the description of the dog in any way including changing the microchip numbers. These must be done through the local council.
Once I have logged into DACO I cannot update my dogs. Once you have logged in and paid your registration you must log out and then log back in again to start changing details or to add additional dogs. Also if you have paid the registration and placed it on a scheduled payment you cannot log back in and complete any more changes until that payment has been cleared. A number of people have scheduled the payment for the last day of registration 31 August and now find they cannot log back in.
DACO will not accept my dog’s pedigree as proof of microchipping. This is not DACO rejecting your pedigree it is your local council. Should this occur let either Wolfgang or myself know which council and we will notify the DCMB and they will contact the council on our behalf. It is still up to the council to accept but it believed that if the DCMB request they be accepted there is a good likelihood.
I have registered in DACO but cannot log back in. If you have previously logged into DACO and now you cannot and have tried resetting your password contact your council for assistance. There are known issues and fixes that council can assist with or they will escalate to the DCMB.
My DOGS SA Breeder Registration Number cannot be seen on the DACO site. Due to the differences in data between DOGS SA and DACO some members have not been included on the database as yet. This has now been resolved and will be completed shortly.
As a registered business do I need to register individual dogs on DACO? Yes you do. All dogs must be registered on DACO. However depends on the terms of your business registration as to if there is a cost to the registrations. Using Adelaide Plains Council as an example if you own a business registration for keeping dogs then there is no charge for registration unless the dog sold or temporarily transferred to a person who does not have a business licence.
Why does DACO request my DOGS SA Member number? As a DOGS SA member you are exempt from certain parts of the regulations, particularly compulsory desexing. This number flags that the entire dogs on your premises are permitted under the regulations and you do not require further investigation.
I used to get a pensioner concession on my Seniors Card but now am not. A Seniors Card is not a pension card and as such was never meant to receive a pensioner discount. Should a council still wish to honour this they may but not compulsory.
When I bring a dog/bitch in for breeding/showing etc, do I need to transfer them? If you bring in a dog/bitch from within SA and you have it for 14 days or longer the owner is to transfer the microchip to the new address within DACO. There is no fee for transferring within the state. Where the dog/bitch has come in from interstate for 14 days or longer you will need to transfer the dog to the new address and pay the council registration fee. When the dog/bitch is returned simply go back into DACO and transfer the dog to interstate.
Authorised Micro-chippers. For those members which undertook the TAFE course last year we close to a resolution to have you authorised as micro-chippers. Those people that have undertaken other courses either in SA or elsewhere will need to apply through DACO for authorised micro-chipper status. Simply because you are an approved micro-chipper with another registry does not make you an authorised micro-chipper under the regulations. I would suggest you apply if in doubt as there is no fee.
Those that are authorised need to ensure they are familiar with their responsibilities and how to correctly register the chips on the database to either a breeder or new owner.
Although there has been a number of teething issues with the implementation of the DACO Database it must be remembered that there is now over 300,00 dogs and 7,000 cats registered on the database with many more to come as it continues to roll out. For DOGS SA members the complications were compounded by the way we do business with the registration of breeders and dogs with multiple owners living at different addresses and some being interstate.
The DCMB and developers of DACO are working through these issues but anyone with an IT background would understand that this is a huge and diverse project. The developers will continue with rectifying the issues whilst also looking at enhancements to the system to make it more user friendly and improving data integrity.

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