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Council Nominations for President & Five Councillors


Nominations are hereby called from members of the Association for election to the Council of the Association.
(1)        President

For a term of three years to retire at the end of that term but to be eligible for re-election for that office or any other office.
(2)        Five Councillors

Five persons to be elected as ordinary members of Council for a term of three years and to retire at the end of that term but to be eligible for re-election for that office or any other office when vacant and available.

Any candidate for election must have been a member of the Association for a period of not less than four (4) years prior to the nomination date.

Nomination forms are available from the Associations Office, Cromwell Road, Kilburn (P.O. Box 844, Prospect East 5082) and the Returning Officer, Mr K B Rylander, 57 Willcocks Avenue, Seaton SA 5023 (email rylander@lizzy.com.au). 

The nominee and two proposers must all be financial members of the Association.  The nominee must be financial at time of voting.

Members who are desirous of nomination for election to the Council in the 2019 elections are invited to submit details of their experience in the dog fancy for publication in the Dogs SA Journal, in support of such nomination.  Candidates may provide for publication a ¼ page publicity sheet, illustrated with a photograph (supplied by the candidate) if desired.  This will be published at no cost to the candidate.  Copy is to be forwarded to the SACA Office by 12th November 2018.

Nominations are to be sent direct to the Returning Officer, Mr K B Rylander, 57 Willcocks Avenue Seaton SA 5023, by the person nominating NOT TO THE SACA OFFICE. 


With nominations being called for in September/October 2018 for the election in February 2019 for half of the officers of the SACA Council, required to serve for a three-year term, it is relevant to provide the following information for interested members.

SACA is a member of the Australian National Kennel Council Ltd (ANKC) and is the controlling canine body for the State.  It is responsible for matters relating to breeding standards, the registration and exhibition of pure bred dogs as well as the promotion and encouragement of recreational, sporting, training and trialling activities of SACA registered dogs.

SACA is a non-profit organisation. It relies heavily on the support and voluntary involvement of many people to service its members and affiliated club organisations.

SACA is governed by an elected Council comprising a President, Vice-President and nine Councillors.  The Council determines policies and procedures within the limits imposed by the SACA Constitution and Rules, the ANKC Ltd Rules and the regulatory environment of Common Law and legislative obligations associated with State and Local Government bodies.  The officers of Council and members of supporting Committees are not remunerated for their services or travelling expenses.

Any member considering nomination to a position on the Council should understand that regular evening meetings must be attended, and one must have available time to commit to the work involved including participating in various Council Committee meetings and activities.  You must be prepared to serve as a team player and be able to offer to Council with enthusiasm, skills and experience required to help chart and drive the future viability of the Association.

SACA is faced with the challenge of retaining its membership numbers and developing strategies and approaches relevant to the future needs of those who enjoy pride in responsible dog ownership against other competing demands in society. 

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