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Dogs SA Advisory Committee Agendas

Dogs SA Tracking Advisory Committee
Special General Meeting Thursday 21st November 2019
at David Roche Park, Cromwell Rd Kilburn
To start 10 minutes after the completion of the AGM for The Tracking Dog Club of SA Inc.

Chairpersons Report:
Election of Officers: 4 required
General Business:

Presentation of Rosettes for dogs qualifying for a Title at the Tracking Advisory Trial 2019

Any Other Business & Any notices of Motion as submitted to DogsSA:


Retrieving & Field Trials Advisory Panel
Special Meeting to be held on Wednesday 6th November 2019 commencing at 7.00 pm in the Marsula Room at David Roche Park

Opening and welcome by Lynette Lennell, Chair of RAFT Advisory Panel for 2020  -               appointed by Dogs SA Council.


  1. Present 
  1. Apologies 
  1. Minutes:  RAFT Special Meeting of Wednesday 6th November 2018
  1. Business Arising:

6.         Chairperson’s Report & Retrieving Report            

  1. Field Report

            None held

  1. Financial Report

            Income and Expenditure statement for 2019.

9.        RAFT Panel Membership 2019-20  (4 required)

  1. Trophy Presentation:

Dogs SA Top Retrieving Gundog

  1. General Business:

Retrieving Trial Dates 2020

Lead – up trial  RAFTCOSA 15 & 16 Aug

State Championship 22 & 23 Aug

National  28, 29 & 30 Aug

  1. Any Other Business

            a.         Rule Changes  [If we have been advised they are approved] (Lynette)

b.         Judges Training  (Lynette)

  1. Close
  1. Annual General Meeting


Dogs SA Agility Advisory Committee
11th November 2019 @ 7pm

  1. Welcome to all present
  1. Apologies
  1. Minutes of the previous meeting
  1. Chairperson’s and Financial reports
  1. Judges training report
  1. 2020 Committee
  1. Top Dog Awards
  1. General Business

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