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Letter to Qantas and Virgin by Dogs SA President, Brian Parker on 23rd January 2020

23 January 2020

Virgin Australia Pty Ltd

PO Box 1034



To whom it may concern


Current Ban on Flying Certain Animals

DOGS SA is the peak body for the registration and sporting activities for both Pure Bred dogs and Canine activities within South Australia. We are extremely concerned with the current ban on the flying of certain breeds of dogs due to the unfortunate death of a dog due to heat illness.

By all accounts this unfortunate incident could have been easily avoided had a number of simple steps been followed in both the booking and care of the animal. This letter is not to lay blame on any party involved in the incident nor is it to determine the exact cause.

The business of transporting live animals is a large and lucrative one as it is often cheaper to book a seat on a domestic flight than it is to fly a dog as either excess baggage or cargo. There are also many benefits for breeders and other dog fancy people as many people compete interstate and flying around Australia is the most time efficient mode of travel but also the most expensive.

What are DOGS SA expectations from writing to you? Firstly, DOGS SA would like to see a more consultative approach to this issue so the flying of all dogs can be resumed as soon as possible. Training in the care and handling of live animals needs to be implemented with all airline staff and freight forwarders involved in the handling of live animals. Guidelines be developed for the transportation of live animals particularly around temperatures and times most suitable for transporting live animals.

DOGS SA is very keen to assist your company in resuming to fly all breeds of dogs and would provide any assistance it can to achieve this. Please feel free to contact the undersigned on 0417 724 223 or email dogssaboardmember1@gmail.com  to discuss this matter further.

Yours sincerely




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