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At a Special Meeting of the DOGS SA Board of Directors the following motion was passed in relation to the ongoing COVID‐19 Virus pandemic.

  1. With effect midnight on Tuesday 17 March 2020 all DOGS SA and affiliate activities are to cease until midnight 01 June 2020 with the decision to be reviewed 04 May 2020. The COVID‐19 virus is not expected to peak until June 2020. The review one month earlier would enable any affiliates time to establish an event and gain entries, they can not do this at 1 weeks’ notice. Continual review can be established after this date, with commencement of activities to commence one month after the restriction has been lifted.
  2. Consideration for lifting the restriction would need to be at the guidance of SA Health that the threat of transmission of the COVID‐19 virus has been reduced and normal public activities are suitable to resume.
  3. No face to face meetings of DOGS SA committees will be held during the shutdown or until reassessed on 04 May2020.
  4. DOGS SA Board meetings will be conducted by teleconference or other electronic media and only urgent matters discussed.
  5. Judges training lectures are cancelled and the training becomes true self education.
  6. The grounds will be closed and gates locked with the office remaining open for transactions and answering queries, but closed to visitors. All transactions are to be either electronic, telephone or by post.

What does mean for DOGS SA Members and Affiliates

All organized events including but not limited to Sanctioned events, training, club competitions and social/pet days are to be cancelled in accordance with point 1.

No meetings will be held at David Roche Park until after the reassessment on 04 May 2020.

It is recommended that affiliates do not hold face to face meetings and only meet via electronic media.

At this stage there will be no effect on the end of year trainee judges’ exams, however it is the expectation that trainees will self‐educate. Once the restrictions are lifted please consult with your group leaders for any further mentoring if you consider necessary.

The office will still be processing all transactions including litter registrations and any other documentation required however the doors will not be open and all members will be expected to either post or email documentation to the office. They will of course be open to answer any questions you may have via telephone or email.

Lastly if you have any concerns or questions over the direction DOGS SA Council has taken please feel free to contact either myself or any other Councilor or the Executive Officer who will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Brian Parker President DOGS SA 0417724223

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