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Easing of COVID 19 Restrictions (Version 2) 27 May 2020

From the general meeting of the DOGS SA Council conducted 27 May 2020 the following restrictions have been eased by Council:

Enable disciplines to continue outdoor training whilst still observing the social distancing regulations and self-hygiene. It will be the responsibility of the affiliate to ensure they comply with all state government regulations. Effective midnight 08 June 2020 unless approved otherwise by the Executive Officer.

Exhibitions/Competitions are still currently suspended however some of the disciplines or Breed Clubs may apply to the Executive Officer for an exemption where they can demonstrate how they would comply with the Governments social distancing regulations.

All Affiliates are to complete the “COVID Safe Plan” from the SA Health web site and submit.

The COVID safe Plan can be found at https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/ This is a State Government requirement and failure to do so may result in a $5,000 fine

A copy of the “COVID Safe record of completion is to be forwarded to the Executive officer

Although DOGS SA has eased the restrictions ALL members and affiliates are to comply with all SA Government directions in relation to COVID 19 and social distancing. Listed below are a number of links which may assist members and affiliates on what their responsibilities are.

Whilst it is not intended that the DOGS SA office will actively police these arrangements, should there be any breaches DOGS SA council will have no hesitation in imposing penalties on those who breach the regulations or considering reimposing the previous restrictions.

DOGS SA Council will continue to monitor the SA Government advice on restrictions imposed by the COVID 19 epidemic and will adjust its restrictions accordingly. Members will be notified a soon as possible of any changes to the DOGS SA restrictions.

DOGS SA Council has approved the formation of a Working Party to assist in the development of a recovery plan to assist affiliates return post COVID activities





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