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Notice to Members 19th June 2020 in reference to Covid 19 Restrictions

At the DOGS SA Council meeting held 16 June 2020 the following motions were passed in relation to DOGS SA imposed restrictions relating to COVID 19

Motion 1

That DOGS SA remove all DOGS SA imposed restrictions on affiliates for the conduct of events with effect Friday 03 July 2020 after consultation with SA Health/Government on the DOGS SA standing. Affiliates conducting events will be required to comply with all South Australian Regulations and SA Health Guidelines on preventing the spread of COVID 19.

Motion 2

The current DOGS SA levy be halved on all events until the end of 2020. Affiliates which have been required to cancel events due to COVID 19 be given priority on scheduling events on weekends where which are vacant on our 2020 calendar.

Motion 3

That all traders who have prepaid the 12 months site fee, their tenure be extended for a further 6 months from the date of expiry.

What does this mean to me?

All DOGS SA activities may recommence as from 04 July 2020. It will be the affiliates responsibility to ensure all SA Health/Government regulations and Guidelines are adhered to at the time of the conduct of the event. DOGS SA will put out other guidelines to assist affiliates in conducting an event which may not be obvious in the SA Health Guidelines.

The DOGS SA standing is in relation to whether we can be identified as a gathering or outdoor/indoor sport or other interest. This may affect our numbers. It is at the sole discretion of the exhibitor/official should they wish to participate in an event or not.

To assist affiliates restart DOGS SA has halved the levy per entry by 50%. It will be a decision of the club whether they wish to pass the saving onto the exhibitor or hold in reserve to cover any additional expenses. The 50% discount in the DOGS SA levy is open to all disciplines.

DOGS SA has several commercial traders that have opted to pay an annual fee for a site on David Roche Park. As these traders will lose 4 months of trading and possibly a slow start DOGS SA has decided to extend their current tenure by 6 months.

As the current restrictions are changing so rapidly affiliates are recommended to check with the SA Health website to confirm what restrictions are in place at the time of the event. DOGS SA will provide assistance where possible, but the onus is on the affiliate.

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