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Returning to Dogs SA Events – Covid 19 Restrictions

Returning to Dogs SA Events – Covid 19 Restrictions

All DOGS SA activities may recommence as from 04 July 2020. Although Dogs SA has eased the restrictions all members and affiliates are to comply with all SA Government directions in relation to Covid 19 and social distancing. It is at the sole discretion of the exhibitor/official should they wish to participate in an event or not.

The total number of persons attending for training/competition must not exceed allowable numbers this includes spectators.

As the current restrictions are changing so rapidly affiliates are recommended to check with the SA Health web site to confirm what restrictions are in place at the time of the event.  DOGS SA will provide assistance where possible, but the onus is on the affiliate.

The Covid safe plan can be found: https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/recovery/create-a-covid-safe-plan This is a state government requirement and failure to do so may result in a $5,000 fine.

A copy of the “Covid safe record of completion is to be forwarded to the Acting Executive officer – info@dogssa.com.au

This plan should be made public to anyone attending your Event.

You must keep Contact tracing records for anyone that uses the MB rooms or other indoor building ie: judges, stewards, SACA rep, officials.  You do not have to keep records for members and spectators who are outside.

A template for this can be found at

Clubs must supply the Acting Executive officer with a Club Covid-19 precaution plan, demonstrating how they would comply with the Governments social distancing regulations.  Contact Dogs SA for template.

To assist affiliates restart DOGS SA has halved the levy per entry by 50%. It will a decision of the club whether they wish to pass the saving onto the exhibitor or hold in reserve to cover any additional expenses. The 50% discount in the DOGS SA levy is open to all disciplines.

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