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ANKC Ltd 2019 Registration Statistics

We have just released our Registration Statistics for 2019, we take the responsibility for the guardianship of many generations of pedigree dog records very seriously, some records go back well into the last Century, a great benefit for our members it makes the ANKC Ltd Registration Certificate a valuable document much sought after by breeders who do not operate under ANKC Ltd breeding codes. During 2019 we registered 13,933 litters, details of each one was published for public scrutiny.

The total registration for 2019 was 66,999 which included 541 imports, this was a reduction of 2,336 from 2018 which ended the continuing growth enjoyed since 2012. The unpreceded demand for puppies that has occurred during the COVID 19 isolation period could see an upward trend in 2020.
Extracts from the statistics:
TOP 10 Registrations
Labrador Retriever (1)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (2)
Golden Retriever (5)
French Bulldog (4)
Border Collie (6)
German Shepherd (3)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (7)
Rottweiler (9)
Schnauzer (Miniature) (10)
Cocker Spaniel (11)
Despite a drop in their numbers the Labradors (410) and Staffordshire Bull Terriers (192) have maintained their consistency as the two leading breeds, a decrease of 329 has seen the German Shepherds fall to 6th place, taking their 3rd spot are Golden Retrievers with an increase of 170. The French Bulldog maintained its 4th position with a moderate increase of 45 but are nowhere near the 4,00 plus enjoyed in 2014. The highest increase was achieved by the Border Collies with a jump of 392, other breeds with an increase of over 100 were the Bernese Mountain Dog (165), the German Shepherd Long Stockcoat (142) and the Pembroke Corgi (135). Breeds who had falls over 200 as well as the Labrador and German Shepherd were the American Staffordshire Terrier (290) and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (249).
Also registered were Associate Register (325) and Sporting Register (61).

The Limited Register
The Limited Register is an important tool for breeders, it was introduced primarily to protect breeders, with established bloodlines from commercial dealers, backyard breeders and puppy farmers who were sourcing purebred pedigree breeding stock with ANKC Papers, usually by deception, and either using them in intensive breeding programs or exporting them for prices well in excess of what they had purchased them for, in either case the breeders carefully planned breeding programs were being compromised.
Dogs on the Limited Register may not compete in Conformation dog shows, be used for breeding, or exported, but they can compete in Obedience, and other ANKC sports.
From time to time the Register is criticised, by people outside the ANKC organisation who infer that there is very little pedigree breeding stock with Main Register Papers available to the general public or to breeders who choose not to be registered with the ANKC or be governed by its strict breeding codes, ethics and regulatory inspections, but who still recognise and seek to take advantage of the commercial value of ANKC Main Register Papers.
The 2019 Statistics do not support the claims that the Limited Register facilitates restriction of trade. Of the 66.458 puppies registered 29,651 were on the Main Register, representing 45% of the total registrations, this split fluctuates marginally from year to year, in individual breeds it is a different story, with Limited Registrations ranging between 8% and 79%. Amongst the breeds that have 60% plus limited registered are typically those that figure prominently in “designer dogs”, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, Pugs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. The majority of ANKC Breeders are cognizant that they are the guardians of their breed and are concerned about protecting their breeds from irresponsible breeding – whether by Back Yard Breeders and/or large commercial breeding facilities (puppy farms). The majority of ANKC breeders will not deliberately reduce their gene pool, another accusation which is sometimes levelled against the Limited Register.
The Limited Register is increasingly important in the current situation where there has been a surge in those attempting to profiteer from breeding without any regard to responsible breeding practices and the health and welfare of the animals involved
ANKC Member Body Dogs Queensland is presently conducting a survey of its members regarding use of the Limited Register.
In conclusion, despite the continuing demand for exorbitantly priced Designer Dogs and even more pricey exotics such as Pink Pugs the purebred pedigree dog with ANKC Papers is still the “Real Deal”.

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