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Dog and Cat Registration Renewals are due from 1st July

All Dogs SA Members.

Just a kindly reminder for the dog and cat Registration Renewal period come 1 July.  Members are reminded that they are exempt from the requirement to desex the dogs owned by them and that renewing their DCMB Breeder Registration is only required if they have a litter of puppies for sale or will have during the 2021/2022 registration period.  Membership with Dogs SA does not provide cats owned by them exemption from desexing.  If you have cats and wish this exemption then you must be a member of either Feline Association of South Australia Inc or the governing council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia Inc

Members can add their membership details to DACO as part of their dog registration renewal by selecting the Breeder Registration button > saying they are not a breeder > Saying they are a member of Dogs SA > entering their Dogs SA number.  This will NOT add the breeder fee.  Ensure your membership number is attached to your dog on DACO so the Council knows not to issue an expiration notice for not desexing. If a member is a registered breeder with DCMB and chooses not to renew their breeder registration for this financial year they can deselect the breeder registration check box.  Their renewal code should stay open for the year if they choose this option and they can choose to renew their Breeder Registration Number (BRN) at any time during the financial year.  If breeders are considering breeding later in the year they can renew their breeder registration when they have puppies for sale.  Valid breeder registration provides desexing exemptions for both dogs and cats.

Renewals will start to hit the post, email and SMS depending on which option you have selected during the first week in July so do not panic on July 1 if you have not received notification or paid the renewal. If you have not received your renewal by Friday 09 July log onto DACO to confirm your details if able or speak with your local Council for assistance. You have until 31 August 2021 to pay the registration renewal.

There are significant penalties for noncompliance of registration and for those with business licenses if you do not pay the renewal the expiration notice is per dog and not per license so it can become extremely expensive.

Brian Parker
President Dogs SA
Mob: 0417724223

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