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Notice to Members – Update on Extraordinary Meeting 2nd September

Dear Dogs SA Members

I wish to take this opportunity to update members on the actions taken by Council at the recent Extraordinary General Meeting, scheduled on Thursday 2nd September at 8.00pm. The meeting was called in accordance with Section 17A of the South Australian Canine Association Constitution and notices were published in the August Journal, the Dogs SA Facebook page, Dogs SA Website & Dogs SA Instagram page. The meeting was primarily called to pass two constitutional amendments. The first was to provide for electronic voting for Council elections, the second to provide for electronic Council meeting attendance with voting rights. The meeting would also provide opportunity for amendment and ratification of the minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting called by members on Wednesday 20th January 2021.

The notice of meeting called for an 8PMcommencement and at that time a quorum of the required 40 members as per 17A(e) of the Constitution had not been achieved. An additional 15 mins was allowed for late comers however insufficient members were in attendance by 8:15PM and the meeting was abandoned.

Council elected at that time to abandon the meeting rather than postpone it for the following reasons:

  • The current election cycle for Councillors has now commenced and therefore electronic voting provisions could not be utilised for this election cycle. The next election of Council does not occur until 2023.
  • The Constitutional amendment regarding remote Council meeting attendance with voting rights was added to the agenda to provide for COVID management protocols or Councillor injury and physical inability to attend meetings. While a valuable provision, it was not determined to be a priority to open the Constitution for this one amendment.

Council agreed that the items would be added to the agenda for the next AGM to be conducted on 02 March 2022.

Should any member have concern regarding the decisions of your Council on the night, please feel free to contact either myself or other members of Council.

Brian Parker
President Dogs SA
On behalf of Dogs SA Council.”


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