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Dogs SA Agility Advisory Committee – Top Agility/Jumping Dog of the Year Award Rules

Dogs SA Agility Advisory Committee 

Top Agility/Jumping Dog of the Year Awards Rules 

Trialling Season is 1st October to 30th September

To be eligible for the following awards, dogs must be registered with Dogs SA. Owners and handlers must be financial members of Dogs SA.

If the owner/handler or a dog is found guilty at an Investigation hearing of a breach of SACA Rules during the qualifying period, they will be ineligible for any award they may have otherwise been entitled to.

These rules are to be reviewed every three years.

All awards will be presented at the Dogs SA Agility Awards and Agility Advisory Committee AGM night.

Top Dog Agility and Jumping Combined Awards in Height and Class 200,300,400,500,600.

  1. Results will be taken from trials held at Dogs SA Affiliated Clubs, between 1st October from the previous year up to 30th September in the current competition year.
  1. To be eligible, there is a minimum number of qualifications required in both Agility and Jumping classes, as follows:

Novice and Excellent Classes:                       3 Agility and 3 Jumping

Masters and Elite combined Classes:            5 Agility and 5 Jumping

  1. Combined scores from qualifications for both agility and jumping trials, will be used to calculate the awards.

Points will be awarded as follow:

Qualification & 1st place            10 points
Qualification & 2nd place              8 points
Qualification & 3rd place              6 points
Qualification card                         4 points

  1. Results from Restricted trials, National Championships and Interstate trials will not be counted. Royal Adelaide Show trial results will only be counted if they are received by the AAC Record Officer by 30th September of the competition year.
  1. The dog attaining the highest combined score across Agility and Jumping in each height, and in each class (Novice, Excellent, Masters/Elite) will be awarded a Top Dog Agility and Jumping Combined Award.

Top Dog Awards.

The following awards will be presented to the dog and handler who have received the most qualification cards, throughout the competition year. Classes and heights will not be considered as there is only one award per classification.

If there is an equal number of qualifications cards, the winner will be the one with the most first places gained throughout the competition year. If there is an equal number of first places, then second and third placings, etc, will be considered.


Top Agility Award
Top Jumping Award
Top Gambler Award
Top Snooker Award
Top Strategic Pair Award
Combined Master/ Elite Team Excellence.

This award will go to the team (dog and handler), who accumulate the most double qualifications in both Agility and Jumping, either at Masters and/or Elite class, at the same trial.

The team must have a minimum of 5 doubles (i.e. Agility and Jumping passes in the same trial) to qualify for this award. Doubles may be in either Masters and/or Elite. Only one award will be given. 

Top Country Competitor Award.

To be eligible for this award, the dog and owner/s must reside over 100km, by road, from the Adelaide GPO. It is required that competitors who fulfill this requirement inform the Agility Advisory Committee, in writing, every competition season, so they can be accurately included in calculations for this award.

Same point system as Top Agility and Jumping Combined Award will apply.

Other Awards.

A sash will be made available for each title gained during the competition year. This is regardless of how long it may have taken to achieve a title.

Encouragement awards presented to all Junior handlers (aged 7 – 18yrs) who have competed at any level, including NFC, in the competition year. Handlers will need to have trialled at least 5 times throughout the competition year. A parent or guardian will need to nominate the Junior handler by 30th September of the competition year and list the trial dates and events. The submission form will be made available on the Agility SA website.

Any dog awarded an Agility Champion Title during the competition year will be acknowledged with a special award. 

Rationale for these changes:

The End of Year Awards for Agility and Jumping, have not been reviewed since November 2012. Games EOY rules have not been reviewed since August 2008. The current system is outdated, overly complex and cumbersome.

Simplifying the current very complex and time-consuming record keeping system will significantly diminish the possibility of human error in transcribing results.

Reducing the number of individual awards will make these awards more prestigious and reduce the overall expenditure, leaving more funding available for supporting clubs, running State Championships and National Trials.

Removing the necessity of gaining a title during the year to be eligible for an award, which may only involve one qualification if the rest of the required number were gained in prior years, will lead to the awards more accurately rewarding the efforts of dogs and their handlers during the qualifying period.

Providing awards on the basis of combined results in both Agility and Jumping will encourage people to train their dogs and compete in both disciplines.

Awards in respect of Open Classes and separate Games Classes have been removed to avoid perceived inequities due to those classes requiring all dogs to compete together rather than in individual height categories.

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