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Dogs SA Extreme Weather and Safety Rules

Extreme Weather and Safety Rules for Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Earthdog, Herding, Dances with Dogs, Lure Coursing, Scent Work, Sled Sport

Hot Weather

10. The following Exhibitions must be postponed or cancelled, or the commencement time amended to not before 7.00pm when the forecast temperature at 10.00a.m from the bom.gov.au site two days prior for (02/23)

(a)    Conformation Exhibitions, is 35 degrees Celsius or higher; (02/23)

(b)    Obedience, Agility, Earthdog, Lure Coursing Trials and Dances with Dogs Competitions, is 34 degrees Celsius or higher; and (07/21)

(c)     Herding Trials, Tests and training and Scent Work, is 30 degrees Celsius or higher. (01/22)

(d)    Tracking Trials, is 32 degrees Celsius or higher (01/16)

(e)    Sled Sport – Sled Racing 15 degrees Celsius or higher, Backpacking/Hiking 25 degrees Celsius or higher Weight Pull 20 degrees Celsius or higher. (06/17)

(f)      Retrieving, Field and RATG is 32 degrees Celsius or higher unless there is ample swimming on the property. (01/19)

This temperature and timeline will be final for the decision to postpone or cancel or amend the commencement time of an Exhibition. (02/23)

11. For multiple Exhibitions scheduled for a weekend, only those Exhibitions where either forecast or actual conditions invoke the provisions of these rules, may be postponed or cancelled or the commencement time amended. (02/23)

12. It is the responsibility of an exhibitor to check two days prior to the Exhibition that the bom.gov.au forecast temperature for the day, at the locality where the exhibition is to be held, is in accordance with these rules. (02/23)

Other Extreme Weather Invoking Safety Concerns

13. An Exhibition may be postponed, in accordance with 6. Above, or cancelled when either the forecast or actual weather is such that they present a threat to the wellbeing or safety of competitors or their dogs.

14. All schedules must state that where an Exhibition is cancelled in accordance with the Extreme Weather and Safety Rules, no entry fees will be refunded.

15. The Affiliate Member must notify SACA Office and officials of their decision to cancel or amend the start time of an exhibition immediately. (02/23)

(a)    The decision must be made available to exhibitors within four hours by every possible means of communication – i.e. uploading the information onto the Dogs SA website, electronic media, verbal telephone communication etc. (02/23)

(b)    Provision for the running of 2 night exhibitions consecutively can be made, specifying any changes to the judging format and the use of a reserve judge should entry numbers require. (02/23)

16. Where the Affiliate Member has cancelled an Exhibition, they must submit a copy of the catalogue to the Executive Officer within 14 days of the cancellation. (01/22)

17. All levies from entries, fees, and ground hire fees where applicable will be paid to the SACA.

18. All contracted Judges, Stewards and SACA Representative fees must be paid on request.

19. Exception to these rules is where an Exhibition has been scheduled to be held in an air-conditioned venue or where the Exhibition is scheduled to start not before 7.00pm (02/23) or

Where the Executive Officer provides specific dispensation to an Affiliate Club that has specific facilities and conditions in place to mitigate the heat. (02/23)

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