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Application Forms

Membership Applications

Application forms for membership must be competed and forwarded to the Dogs SA with the appropriate fee. Pension discounts are only applicable to persons receiving full pensions, Health Care cards are not accepted.

Associate membership is available only to Affiliated Club Committee members who are not involved in exhibiting, breeding or trialing dogs.

Quarterly membership fee discount rates are available to NEW members only and are not be be used for renewal of existing or lapsed memberships, where the full annual subscription fees apply.

Members joining or renewing from 1st November are renewed to 31st December the following year (14 months subscription for 12 months membership fee)

Title Applications

Title applications must be correctly completed and forwarded to the Dogs SA Office with the relevant challenge certificates or qualification cards, the correct fee and pedigree certificate. Photocopied challenge certificates or qualification cards are acceptable.

All owner/s of a titled dog must be financial members at the time of exhibition and when applying for a title. All signatures of owner/s or leasee/s are required on applications.

Litter Registrations

Applications for the Registration of a Litter are now available for downloading from this website.

Application for Replacement Pedigree

May be used in lieu of a Statory Declaration when a pedigree is lost or misplaced and a duplicate pedigree is required to be issued.

Conformation Show Schedule

Used by Secretaries/Convenors to lodge Conformation Show Schedules to the Dogs SA Office.

Judges Licence Renewals and Trainee Group Judges Applications

These forms are available for downloading from the website for renewal of ANKC judging licences for all discilplines and for Conformation Trainee Group Judges.

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