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Semen Registration

Frozen semen from local or imported dogs must be registered at the time of or prior to application for registration of a litter from that semen.

The owners of semen will be issued with Certificates of Registration of Semen if they apply for it, much the same as the current Registration Certificates. The registration of semen makes it easier to facilitate paperwork in relation to registering puppies and selling of semen.

The procedures for registration of puppies got from frozen semen will be simplified and will require the owner of the semen to sign the stud certificate as would be the case in a normal mating.

Owners of registered semen will now have the opportunity to officially trade in semen. Transfer of semen will occur in the same way as the sale of a puppy, by the simple transfer of semen on the reverse side of the Semen Certificate.

Forms attached are:

These new regulations do not apply to the artificial insemination of local fresh or chilled semen. The current procedures will continue to apply as far as these are concerned.

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