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Lure Coursing

The purpose of Lure Coursing events is to preserve and develop the coursing skills inherent in hounds, specifically Sighthounds, and to demonstrate their ability to perform the function for which they were originally bred. Lure Coursing is an artificial simulation of the way a hare might run in the open field, with the course pattern being irregular and varied with every meet. The lure is strips of plastic bags tied to a nylon cord which is pulled around on pulleys by a battery operated motor. A normal course is between 650 metres to 800 or 900 metres long; however course lengths can vary dependent on field conditions on the day.


The objective is to test a dog’s ability to course without showing signs of undue stress or lack of fitness. Coursing places a considerable amount of load on many aspects on a dog’s physical structure and temperament characteristics. The sport is a test as to the physical capabilities of the dog.

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