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WHAT ARE ‘TRICK DOG TESTS’?                    

Trick Dog Tests is a fun sport where dogs perform a variety of tricks.

Trick Dog tests encourage owners and handlers to teach their dogs new skills and behaviours in a positive and fun environment. The rules are designed in such a way that handlers and dogs of all abilities are able to compete on an equal footing.

Is your dog already able to perform tricks? Maybe jumping through a hoop, going to bed, retrieving, playing dead, taking a bow or crawling. These and more are all tricks that can be performed during a trick dog test!  If your dog is yet to do a trick don’t worry, any dog can learn. As a dog progresses through the levels, the expectations become more advanced – to the point that dogs are able to put their toys away, or roll themselves up in a blanket.

If you would like more information about trick dog training, classes are offered by:

The rules for Trick Dog Test are available on the ANKC website.

Many people with dogs esteemed in tricks move into the sport of Dances with Dogs, where handlers put these tricks to music in entertaining and innovative performances.

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