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Mr S Schwerdt
Mr R Redhead
Mrs C Redhead
Mr J Nickholds
Ms J Mouroufas
Mr R Mercer
Mr P Haseldine

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  1. As prescribed in the Constitution of the Association, Council may appoint a person/s to complete an inspection on a members property to ensure the keeping and welfare of the dogs are maintained to the minimum standards as prescribed by DOGS SA and South Australian Government Legislation.
  1. The person/s shall be appointed in writing by Council and shall conduct their business within the time frames as listed below.

(a) Where the inspection is of a routine nature which includes where a member has applied for a breeders prefix or periodic inspection the appointed person shall provide as a minimum to the member, a written 14-day notice via                      email where appropriate, or by Australia Post.

(b) Where the inspection is as a result of a substantiated complaint received by the Association the appointed person shall provide as a minimum to the member 24 hours’ notice by electronic means or by voice.

  1. During the inspection the appointed person/s may make notes and take photographs as evidence and may request to view and reproduce records and documentation in relation to the inspection. A copy of all notes and photographs taken by the inspector/s is to be made available to the member upon request and within 7 days.
  1. Any member who has been served notice in accordance with 2 is to abide by the reasonable directions of the appointed person/s and shall provide all assistance requested and shall not hinder the inspection.
  1. Where a notice has been served under clause 2 the member has the right to object to the appointed person in writing to the Executive Officer. The objection must be lodged within 7 days where issued under sub clause 2a or 8 hours where issued under sub clause 2b. The Executive Officer has the right of Veto to the objection where it is considered the objection is unfounded or mischievous.

6. The inspection is to be limited to any area where dogs are being kept, including whelping areas, kennels and residence where the dogs are kept inside. An inspection check sheet as prescribed by Council is to be used for all    inspections and a copy is to be provided to the Executive Officer and the member within 7 days.

  1. The appointed person/s should debrief the member at the end of the inspection and identify any issues that may have arisen during the inspection. Any serious matters are to be brought immediately to the attention of the member and within 24 Hours to the Executive Officer.
  1. A copy of the blank inspection check sheet shall be available to all members via the DOGS SA website or upon request so they are aware of what is involved in the inspection.
  1. Records of the inspections are to remain confidential except where disciplinary action is recommended then the record may be used in evidence.

10. During the inspection the appointed person/s is to act appropriately and to ensure the inspection only relates to the keeping and breeding of Dogs.

11. Where in an exceptional case the appointed person/s considers that there are significant breaches of Government Regulations relating to the welfare of the dogs then they are to immediately report the findings to the Executive                  Officer who will decide if the matter should be handed over to the regulatory authority.


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