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All dogs are able to use their sense of smell to track. A dog’s scenting ability is so acute it can distinguish tracks that are sometimes many days old simply from a person walking across the countryside, the track often crossed by other people and animals.

ANKC tracking trials test the dog’s natural ability and willingness to follow a track left by human footsteps only. Each test is structured so the degree of difficulty increases at each level to the point where a dog can track a person over 1200 metres with a 3 hour time lapse. Two diversion cross tracks are laid after the original tracklayer has passed.

All dogs, pedigree or non-pedigree, are eligible to enter Tracking Trials held by affiliated Clubs.

In South Australia many breeds of dog compete in tracking trials from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. If you are interested in tracking with your dog, contact the Secretary of the Tracking Dog Club of SA via the Tracking Dog Club of SA’s Website

Please click on the above link to transfer to the Tracking website for SA competitors

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