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Endurance Tests

The Endurance Test demonstrates a dog’s ability to withstand a certain degree of physical strain without showing signs of undue stress or lack of constitution.

The Test consists of a 20 kilometre run to be completed with 2 hours and is covered in three legs of 8 kms, 6 kms and 6 kms - with additional rest periods of 15 minutes, 20 minutes and 15 minutes after each leg. In South Australia the Tests are only conducted in the winter months of June, July and August.

Prior to the Test and at the completion of the Test, after the final 15 minute rest period, a short obedience test is conducted on and off lead to include a recall.

During the Test, with the pacemaker leading the line of dogs and Handlers at a steady 10 kilometres per hour, the Handlers may either jog or ride a bicycle. The terrain must consist of three varying surfaces such as bitumen, unsealed roads, dirt tracks, grass etc.

Before, during and after completion of the Test a Veterinary examination is carried out on all exhibits and if considered unfit at any time will be excluded from further taking part.

The title of ET is awarded to the dog which successfully completes the Endurance Test.

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