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Dances With Dogs

WHAT IS ‘DANCES WITH DOGS’?                    

Dances with Dogs is a fun sport where people and their dogs perform together to music.

The dog and handler move to music in a sport that is enjoyable to dogs and entertaining for spectators .

Dogs and handlers develop rapport together in a fun and creative way. Dogs of all ages and breeds can compete equally with diverse handlers. Handlers are able to shape performances to their dog’s strengths, tailoring unique routines that showcase their dogs’ individual talents.

Dances with dogs have two divisions – ‘freestyle’ and ‘heelwork to music’. Heelwork to music asks the dog to perform close to the handler in designated positions, while freestyle includes more innovative and creative moves.

Dances with dogs was approved as a dog sport in Australia by the then ANKC in 2009. Internationally, the sport has been made famous by Crufts in the UK.

If you are interested in learning how to ‘dance with your dog’, classes are offered by:

Margaret and Gilda doing their “A Couple of Clowns” routine.

DWD image

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