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Main, Limited & Neuter Register

A breeder may make application to register a puppy on the Main or Limited Registers.

The Main Register entitles the new owner/s to full rights of a pedigree dog including showing at Conformation Exhibitions, breeding and export unless agreed conditions apply.

The Limited Register has the following restrictions :

  • Ineligible for exhibition at a Conformation Exhibition;
  • Ineligible to be used for breeding purposes;
  • Not entire or has been desexed;
  • Not registered on the main register;
  • Ineligible for export.

For the purpose of this regulation ‘Conformation Exhibition’ means a Show that is either an All Breeds Show, Championship Show, Open Show, Parade, Sanction Show or Specialist Show.
Transfer between the Registers

A dog may be transferred between the Main Register and Limited Register subject to the following conditions -

Transfer from Limited Register to Main Register

A dog may be transferred from the Limited Register to the Main Register if:

  1. Application for such transfer is lodged on the required form with the SACA Office ;
  2. Both the breeder and the registered owner of the dog make written application for such transfer on the required form.

Transfer from Main Register to Limited Register

A dog may be transferred from the Main Register to the Limited Register on application in writing signed by the registered owner on one occasion only.

There are no time limitations for the transferring between registers.

Transfer to Neuter Register

“Neutering” means a dog or bitch that has been de-sexed either by castration or ovarian hysterectomy and is rendered infertile. This does not include vasectomies.

A dog must be registered on the Main Register to be transferred to the Neuter Register.

To transfer to the Neuter Register the registered owner must supply a vet certificate of desexing together with original pedigree to the SACA office.


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